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2023 Business Economic Outlook: Survive and Thrive

by Cheryl Powers

As a business owner, it can be difficult to know how to prepare in the face of the looming economic downturn of 2023. But with the right focus and strategies and network, you can not only survive but you can thrive in the challenging environment ahead. 

Here are some key areas that will help you find success in 2023:

  • Identifying your company’s unique strengths and differentiators and leveraging them to create an edge over your competitors.
  • Developing a clear...
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The Game Is On: How Great Owners and CEOs Beat Recessions

By Cheryl Powers

I have never met a CEO or business owner who didn't want to know the fastest and most effective way to grow profits, free up cash flow, and create a winning culture. The best owners know that culture eats strategy for breakfast and without the right strategy, people and processes, the culture will deteriorate and profits will plummet.

Over the years, the owners who were having the most fun while they grew their companies were the ones who were able to view their business...

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Six Ways to Profit from Your Winter Vacation

Winter is here, and although it may seem strange given the current outlook, now may be the perfect time to increase the value of your company.

The most valuable businesses are the ones that can survive and thrive without their owner. Consider this: If a buyer will pay a premium for a company that runs on autopilot and levies a steep discount for a business that is dependent on its owner, it makes sense that getting you out of all those boxes in your org chart will make your business more...

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10 Costly Mistakes CEOs Must Fix To Consistently Hire Top Performing Sales Teams

by Cheryl Powers 

Most owners and CEOs want to know how to hire top-performing salespeople for their companies. What they often fail to realize is that what's getting in their way is their process and their beliefs about what top performance means to their specific sales roles. 

A poorly designed, one-size-fits-all process is responsible for sales hiring mistakes that are costing you to forfeit the very best sales talent available to you for each role. And it is...

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Are You Losing Business to Hidden Factors?

by Cheryl Powers

Salespeople come with different levels of skills and competencies but some - even highly skilled sales professionals - have hidden beliefs about how business, life, sales, and money that will be detrimental to your revenue growth if you don't help correct them. Some combinations of self-limiting beliefs can be a sure sign that a salesperson will not succeed in their role, no matter what sales skills or sales knowledge they possess. Being able to spot...

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4 Places to Start When Your Growth Stops

by Cheryl Powers 

Why would two companies in the same industry, with the same financial performance, command vastly different valuations?

The answer can be found in one thing: predictable future business. In other words, how much each business is likely to grow in the future. We call this, growth potential.

Whether you're negotiating with a lender for working capital, considering a merger or acquisition, funding your buy/sell agreement, or determining the per-share value...

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3 Game-Changing Reasons To Offer A Subscription

3 Game-Changing Reasons To Offer A Subscription

by Cheryl Powers

There are as many reasons to offer a subscription service to your customers as there are subscription models. And if we've learned anything from companies like Amazon, Netflix, Dropbox, Salesforce, and others it's that customers value having what they want when they want it.

The days of renting a movie at your local Blockbuster store were replaced by the ATM-like Redbox movie rental, which has now been replaced by choosing...

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Re-Building A More Valuable Business

by Cheryl Powers

In the Beginning

 I remember how I felt in my first business.

I was:

  • Excited about growing my company
  • Determined to positively impact employees and customers
  • Certain I’d run it for the rest of my life

I thought it was the best job in the world, despite the fact that I was working 70-80 hour weeks. I was young, energetic, and ready to take on the world.

It Took Its Toll

A few years of six days a week travel put that in perspective. Soon I was tired and seemingly...

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They Finally Have The Business They Deserve

By Cheryl Powers

Daphne and Tom started their business to serve customers, create financial freedom, and give back to the community they loved.

What they never imagined is 10 years after launching their company, Daphne would still be responsible for revenue and would be her company's top salesperson, while Tom played sales manager to a team of culturally perfect but ineffective salespeople.

Despite hiring dozens of salespeople over the years, none...

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How Covid-19 Changes Sales and Selling

by Cheryl Powers

Everything has changed except the way your salespeople sell, and that's a big problem.

Listen, I love salespeople. I love sales leaders. I love the profession of sales. So don't take this the wrong way because this is coming from a place of real caring.

Your salespeople are missing a golden opportunity.

Salespeople should be doing everything they can to connect with prospects and customers, build trust, forge relationships, and stand out as a valuable and valued trusted...

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