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Cheryl Powers, CEO

Powers, a business coach since 1996, has more than 25 years of experience as a business owner, sales trainer, sales and marketing executive, speaker and leadership program developer. Cheryl has helped many Fortune 1000 companies and their teams achieve their goals of building revenue, developing brand awareness, strengthening their value propositions, and aligning their passion for their business with their life goals.

Experience What Is Possible

We are a strategy, leadership, and sales development firm that works with CEOs and business leaders of mid-market companies and professional firms around the world who want to significantly grow their companies.

If you are a CEO experiencing flat or declining sales and want to fix the problem and grow your company or you are a Managing Partner of a professional firm who wants to hire rainmakers and change agents, or you are a Sales Leader poised for exponential growth, we can help you. We are a Sales Strategy and Development Company that provides integrated solutions to enable CEOs, Business Owners, Managing Partners, and Senior Sales Leaders achieve their growth goals faster and more profitably. We offer Management, Leadership and Sales Skills Development, Sales Leadership Development, Sales Recruitment, and Executive and Sales Team Evaluation for CEOs and business leaders around the world.

Most recruiting, training, and development initiatives fail.


The biggest reason most efforts fail is that they overlook context.

Context is a critical component of every training or development initiative because without it you simply cannot identify the crucial skills, strengths, knowledge, culture, strategies, systems, processes, and DNA required for success in your company.

Most programs are one-size-fits-all cookie cutter programs. Not ours. We develop your people, your processes, your systems, and your business - based on your unique situation.

At Align Strategic we focus on the important context that equips your leaders and future leaders with the specific competencies that will make a significant difference to their performance and ultimately to your top and bottom lines.

This means that whether you need to hire stronger leaders and sales leaders, need to train your existing sales, operational, and management teams, or need to implement development programs for your employees, our processes and methodology will ensure that you get the right strategy to develop the right people the right way - - under your specific market conditions, with your culture, at your price point - - saving you time and money while significantly increasing performance.

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Sales Development, Coaching and Training
Leadership Development, Coaching and Training
Sales Force Evaluation
Pre-Hire Assessment
Employee Evaluations
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Personal and Professional Coaching
Business Coaching
Career Coaching
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