A Good Business Strategy Is A Good Exit Strategy

Successful and significant businesses don't just happen because the owner has a good idea and works hard. In fact, over 80% of business owners' personal wealth is tied up in their businesses. And the sad but true fact is that 70-80% of companies are not sellable and have little to no transferrable value without the owner running the day-to-day.

Taking your business from successful to significant means creating a strategy for freedom and wealth. In other words, it means creating a company that gives you options.

And the best part is, your employees and customers will thrive right along with you!

The Founder Freedom Session will provide insights into what actions you can take to dramatically increase your company's value. 

Double Your Value In Half The Time


Taking small and mid-market businesses from successful to significant and business owners from winning to wealthy.

Taking your business from successful to significant means creating a strategy for freedom and wealth. In other words, it means creating a company that gives you options.

The right management, sales, and operational teams don't just happen. It takes skillful alignment to create a culture of exceptional performance, excellent margins, extraordinary profits, and a steady stream of healthy cash flow. This is the way to create personal wealth and freedom.

Alignment begins with strategy, planning, and accountability but doesn't stop there. Each member of your team must be a fit for their position and must have a way to know where they are in relation to their goals. Good sales teams hit targets and reach goals regularly. Great sales teams do the same while finding ways to outperform the competition. The same goes for great operational teams.

Our clients hire us because they want Growth Strategy, Cash Flow, Operations Optimization, Compensation Alignment, Recruiting, Sales Architecture + Enablement, Sales Management and Culture Alignment, Value Acceleration, Sale and Acquisition Partners, Exit Planning

• Growth & exit strategies
• Managing fast growth
• Operations improvement
• People and culture improvement
• More real business in the pipeline
• More reliable sales forecasts
• More effective salespeople
• More effective sales and operational management
• Win more against competitors

You'll focus on foundational drivers to build a best-in-class company that delivers more enterprise value and freedom; and on developing and implementing legacy systems, enabling your company to sustain breakthrough performance levels and unprecedented profits.

• Owner Freedom and Wealth Evaluation
• Sales and Operational Excellence
• Strategic Growth Initiatives
• Sales and Operations Recruitment
• Sales Process and Methodology
• Sales Force Evaluation
• Sales Talent Management, Structure & Compensation
• Sales Culture Development


• Manufacturing
• Distribution
• Biotech
• Business/Professional Services
• Luxury Retail
• Construction and Trades
• Advertising
• Hospitality
• Healthcare
• Education
• Transportation
• Business Information
• Telecom
• Energy

Moving from successful to significant will take a deep understanding of the value drivers in your organization and a commitment to leveraging them. The work consists of executing the ideal combination of products, services, people, and processes. It may include recruiting and developing people with the right skills, creating a game plan with the right combination of strategy and tactics, designing the systems and processes to run those strategies and tactics, and developing strong leaders who can execute your vision and get you out of the owner's trap so you can focus on your next move.




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