They Finally Have The Business They Deserve

By Cheryl Powers

Daphne and Tom started their business to serve customers, create financial freedom, and give back to the community they loved.

What they never imagined is 10 years after launching their company, Daphne would still be responsible for revenue and would be her company's top salesperson, while Tom played sales manager to a team of culturally perfect but ineffective salespeople.

Despite hiring dozens of salespeople over the years, none could outsell Daphne. She and Tom were skeptical they could find a better solution but they knew if they didn't try, they would never be able to scale and grow. And they knew, without a sales engine that didn't rely on the two of them, they would never have a business asset that would create the financial freedom they longed to have.

They turned to Guaranteed Sales Hire to create a team of sales superstars. They restructured their sales team and hired salespeople who had the skills and the DNA to finally outsell Daphne.

Today, Daphne and Tom work on their business not in it, and they serve their community in ways they never dreamed they could. Last year they hired a sales leader through Guaranteed Sales Hire and took the summer off to rediscover Europe together.

What would hiring a team of guaranteed sales hires do for your business?

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