Six Unbeatable Strategies for Increasing Enterprise Value On Your Winter Getaway

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Six Unbeatable Strategies for Increasing Enterprise Value On Your Winter Getaway

By Cheryl Powers

The Key to Premium Enterprise Value: Autonomy from Ownership

With all of its crispness and snowy goodness, winter is the perfect time to increase your company's value. 

Top-tier companies are distinguished by their ability to operate independently of their owners. This autonomy is a critical factor in enterprise value; businesses running on autopilot command premium prices, while those overly reliant on their owners face significant valuation discounts. Removing yourself from daily operations can increase your company's value not just in the future but today.

Take the example of Buffer a top-tier social media management company.  Known for its transparent and autonomous work culture, Buffer has implemented systems that allow employees to make decisions independently. This autonomy contributed to Buffer's rapid growth and its ability to attract significant venture capital investment, reflecting its high market valuation.


We can also look to Basecamp the Project Management Software company. Basecamp, formerly 37signals, stands as a prime example of a company thriving with minimal top-down management. Its emphasis on employee autonomy and streamlined decision-making processes has made it a highly efficient and valuable company, with consistent profitability and a strong user base.

Zappos, acquired by Amazon, is renowned for its company culture and customer service, achieved largely through employee empowerment. By decentralizing decision-making, Zappos was able to provide exceptional customer service, leading to a billion-dollar valuation at the time of its acquisition.

Test Your Business's Independence This Winter

This season, challenge your business's operational independence by taking a prolonged break. During your absence, it's inevitable that some processes may falter. However, these moments are invaluable for identifying areas needing improvement, ultimately leading to a business less dependent on your direct involvement.

A Six-Step Action Plan

To effectively use your winter break for business enhancement, consider the following steps:

Step #1 - Extend Your Vacation a Bit

When planning your return from vacation, inform your team that you'll be back a day later than planned. This extra day allows you uninterrupted time to assess and understand any issues that arise during your absence.


Step #2 - Classify Operational Issues

Upon your return, categorize the problems encountered into three groups: Mistakes (simple errors), Bottlenecks (delays due to lack of your input), and Stalled Projects (initiatives that halted in your absence).

Step #3 - Address the Mistakes

Start by rectifying the mistakes. These are often due to gaps in training rather than negligence. Document clear instructions for similar future situations and share them with your team, perhaps using a digital platform like VidGuide for easy access.

Step #4 - Eliminate Bottlenecks:

Identify areas where your input is crucial and where it's not. Clarify this with your team to prevent bottlenecks when you're unavailable.


Step 6 - Delegate Stalled Projects

Analyze stalled projects to determine if you're the best person to lead them. Strategically important projects should remain under your guidance, while others can be delegated to better-suited team members.

Bonus Tip: Empower Your Employees with a Discretionary Fund:

Inspired by practices at companies like Ritz Carlton Hotels, empower your employees with a discretionary fund for customer-related decisions. This autonomy not only resolves customer issues more swiftly but also boosts employee confidence and decision-making abilities.

In the Ritz Carlton Hotels model, each staff member is entrusted with the authority to expend up to $2,000 for guest-related matters, bypassing the need for managerial approval. This discretionary allowance serves a dual purpose: it underscores the importance of proactive customer service, encouraging front-line staff to prioritize guest satisfaction immediately, and it addresses a common barrier in customer service - the hesitation of employees to take decisive action due to a lack of authority. 

By delegating this level of financial discretion, the hotel chain not only accelerates the process of resolving guest issues but also instills a sense of empowerment and responsibility in its employees, ensuring they can make impactful decisions in the absence of direct supervision.

Enhance Business Value through Strategic Absence

Winter offers a unique opportunity for you to step back and assess your company's operational independence. By following these six steps, you can enjoy a rejuvenating break while simultaneously increasing your business's value and efficiency.

Applying These Lessons In Your Business

Following these examples, here’s how you can apply similar strategies this winter:

  1. Extended Absence Test: Plan a vacation, and use the time to assess how your business functions in your absence.
  2. Identify and Address Issues: Upon your return, categorize and address operational challenges like mistakes, bottlenecks, and stalled projects.
  3. Empower Your Team: Implement a discretionary fund for employees to make customer-focused decisions, similar to the model used by Zappos and Ritz Carlton.
  4. Delegate and Decentralize: Follow Basecamp’s model by delegating tasks and encouraging independent decision-making among your team.
  5. Focus on Training and Culture: Emulate Buffer by investing in comprehensive training and fostering a culture that supports autonomy.

As winter approaches, seize the opportunity to take a well-deserved break. By diligently implementing these six strategic steps, you stand to not only enjoy a wonderful vacation but also potentially return to a business that's more streamlined, efficient, and, ultimately, more valuable.

To your wealth and freedom!

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