Maximize Your Valuation: How Recurring Revenue Can Skyrocket Your Business's Worth - The Breedlove Success Blueprint for Mid-Market Entrepreneurs

By Cheryl Powers

A Success Story from the Trenches: Breedlove & Associates' Journey

Imagine beginning a small payroll business from your home office, self-funding its growth, and then, two decades later, selling it for an astonishing six times the revenue. This is not a Silicon Valley fairy tale but the real success story of Stephanie Breedlove and her company, Breedlove & Associates. Starting in 1992, Breedlove grew her company by an average of 20% annually, focusing on a niche market - payroll services for parents employing nannies. By 2012, her company boasted $9 million in annual sales and caught the eye of, which purchased the business for a staggering $55 million.

This narrative is a testament to the power of a recurring revenue model, a strategy every business owner should consider to significantly drive up their company's value.

Understanding the Valuation Difference: Transactional vs. Recurring Revenue Models

When considering business valuation, it's crucial to understand the difference between transactional and recurring revenue models. A transactional business, where customers pay once for their purchase, typically sees a valuation based on a single-digit multiple of Earnings Before Interest Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA). However, if you pivot to a recurring revenue model, where customers pay on an ongoing basis, the valuation often jumps to a multiple of your revenue.

Why Recurring Revenue Commands Higher Valuations

The appeal of recurring revenue to potential buyers is its predictability and sustainability. It offers a clear projection of future earnings, reducing the risk and uncertainty that often accompany one-off transactions. This predictability is a crucial factor in driving up company valuations.

Strategies to Implement Recurring Revenue

  1. Subscription-Based Products: If your product is consumable or needed regularly (like diapers, razor blades, or cleaning products), consider a subscription model. The Dollar Shave Club and The Honest Company are prime examples of this model, both achieving significant valuations through subscription-based sales.

  2. Membership Websites for Specialized Knowledge: For consultants or experts in a field, creating a membership website where subscribers can access exclusive content can be a lucrative model.

  3. Service Contracts with Fixed Monthly Fees: Moving from hourly or project-based billing to fixed monthly fees can stabilize cash flow and create predictability. Marketing agencies like GoBrandGo! have successfully implemented this model.

  4. Offer Complementary Subscription Services: Identify additional needs of your customers post-purchase and offer those as subscription services. For instance, if you design websites, offer hosting services on a subscription basis.

  5. Rentals over Purchases: For high-value, infrequently used items, consider a rental model. ZipCar and WeWork have successfully capitalized on this approach, offering cars and office space as needed rather than for outright purchase.

Data Points to Ponder

  • Companies with recurring revenue models can expect valuations up to 6-8 times their revenue.
  • Subscription-based businesses are growing 5-8 times faster than traditional business models.
  • Over 80% of consumers prefer buying from companies that offer subscription services.

The Compelling Question for Business Owners

As we head further into 2024, ask yourself how you can transform your business model to incorporate recurring revenue streams. Not only will this pivot potentially increase your company's valuation exponentially, but it also ensures a more predictable and sustainable financial future.

What's your plan to join the ranks of successful businesses thriving on the recurring revenue model this year? Check out our Masterclass and see how other businesses like yours are growing value.

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