Are You Losing Business to Hidden Factors?

by Cheryl Powers

Salespeople come with different levels of skills and competencies but some - even highly skilled sales professionals - have hidden beliefs about how business, life, sales, and money that will be detrimental to your revenue growth if you don't help correct them. Some combinations of self-limiting beliefs can be a sure sign that a salesperson will not succeed in their role, no matter what sales skills or sales knowledge they possess. Being able to spot these early on is critical because without your help your salespeople will stagnate and your growth will falter.

Determining whether your salespeople have weak beliefs that will neutralize their innate skills and competencies is one of your most important jobs as a business owner. You have to be able to know if they have habits, fears, or sales neutralizing beliefs that prevent them from executing their plan.

The husband of a friend of mine once planned to become a Major League Baseball player. He was an all-star batter until….

One day he got hit in the head with the ball and developed a flinch. Every time he got up to bat, his subconscious mind, unbeknownst to him, was afraid of getting hit again. He tried everything but couldn’t help but flinch. He was still in the game and even made some hits. But his performance suffered greatly.

His coach tried everything from pep talks to screaming matches to 6 hour straight batting sessions. But nothing worked.

He said he “felt fine.”

He said he was “over it.”

He said he was "ready to get in there."

What he later discovered was that the ball hitting him in the head triggered a series of unconscious and very unhelpful beliefs he didn’t even know he was thinking.

He couldn’t think or practice his way out of it because the messages were coming from deep inside his subconscious mind. His rational mind couldn't override the flood.

If you've ever sat next to a "white knuckler" on an airplane you've seen what the subconscious mind can do to a person's willpower and desire to get from where they are to where they want to go.

You have salespeople on your team with similar issues, albeit less obvious.

A certain series of rejections, a new price point, or a string of losses may have triggered a deep-seated weakness stemming from a core belief about themselves or the world.

Salespeople on your team came to you with sales weaknesses you didn’t know about and others are on their way to you now. You may even be onboarding new recruits now who seem like home run hitters but may not be able to get past a base hit.

How many salespeople on your team today could sell more and sell more profitably if they knew about and dealt with their sales limiting beliefs?

We can tell you that.

And we can tell you how much more they could sell once you help them fix them.

My next master class will discuss the 9 Hidden Beliefs That Limit Revenue Results and I'll even explain how to diagnose these problems within your sales force so that you can start making the necessary corrections now.

During the master class, you'll discover:

  1. How to spot the most common limiting beliefs that cause your salespeople to lose business.
  2. The most common causes of inaccurate sales forecasts.
  3. How to shorten your sales cycle by correctly identifying and fixing the limiting beliefs (theirs and yours!) preventing your salespeople from executing on their potential.

So if you are looking to generate the most revenue you possibly can or are struggling to understand why you're not getting the results you think you should be getting, put yourself on the list for the 9 Hidden Beliefs That Limit Revenue Results masterclass.

And if you need to hire salespeople and sales managers that have the skills and beliefs you need them to have to be successful in your sales roles, learn more about Guaranteed Sales Hire

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