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Creating a Thriving and Valuable Company Begins With A Thriving Owner

Align Strategic helps Founders and Owners Build Significantly More Valuable Companies From Launch through Exit.

Understand The Factors

Imagine having a company that runs smoothly without you and gives you plenty of time and money to do what you want when you want. That's what a valuable company does for an owner. A company that thrives without the owner having to manage all of the details bring in revenue or handle production gives you more than a job - it gives you a growing asset. You'll implement the right systems, hire and develop a skilled and engaged team, and optimize free cash flow. These are a few of the foundational drivers you'll have on your path to creating a valuable asset in your business and freedom in your life.

Accelerate Your Company Value

Imagine the freedom of knowing your company's value and understanding exactly what it will take to realize it. 80% of business owner wealth is tied up in their business, yet 70-80% of businesses fail to sell because they have no transactional value beyond the owner's efforts. Most owners have never been shown how to make their most valuable asset on paper a truly valuable and transferrable asset. Fewer still have been shown how to do this while increasing employee and customer happiness and engagement. You'll finally have peace of mind because you know your options and have a roadmap to your destination.

Generate Surplus Cash

You will know you are thriving and driving real value in your company because you will have the financial flexibility to invest in growth, weather economic challenges, and increase your value to potential investors or buyers. If your business is growing or growing rapidly we'll help you address cash flow challenges so you can continue to invest in additional resources and staff to keep up with the demands of growth. We will help you pace your growth and identify and resolve any issues that are hampering your free cash flow. You'll finally have the profitable growth you need at the pace that makes sense to you.

Start Growing The Company and Life You've Always Imagined

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Imagine trying to win a game of chess with too few pieces or with an unbalanced combination of pieces. It would be difficult to play the game, and your chances of winning would be dramatically reduced. Yet every day in companies around the world, we see founders, business owners, and leadership teams that lack the right balance and are unable to see the road ahead, take appropriate risks, or make the most effective moves. This prevents owners from moving out of the center of the business operation. And it prevents the company from having any real value beyond much of what the owner brings through their own efforts. That's why so many owners end up with great jobs but without a meaningful exit. An exit strategy is just a good business strategy - one that gives the owner options because they have an asset to leverage when they're ready.

And the best part is that your employees and customers will benefit, too.


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