From Sales Lizards to Sales Leaders

Attract, Recruit, Retain & Develop Sales Managers Who
Have What It Takes To Achieve Market Potential


Begin With A Deep Dive Into Leadership Core Competencies

You can't read the label from inside the bottle. That's why we begin all of our development programs with an evaluation of the core competencies of your sales leaders and the weaknesses that must be corrected for Breakthrough Performance® Mastery.

Develop The Framework For Sales Leadership Mastery

Breakthrough Performance® begins with Breakthrough Leadership®. Our Sales Leadership Development program gives your sales managers and sales VPs a framework for Sales Leadership Mastery. We focus on creating a solid foundation in the five major areas of sales leadership.

Customized Curriculum Based On Each Sales Leader's Needs

No more "one-size-fits-all" training. Why would you spend time and money training everyone to learn skills that some of your people have already mastered? We go deep and stay laser focused to address any competencies that are missing or underdeveloped to help you achieve maximum results and ROI.

Grow Revenue By Upgrading Your Leadership Team

Discover exactly why 4 out of 5 sales managers fail to deliver top performance to their companies and learn what you can do to make sure yours know how to do it. Your sales managers need to focus on five things on a daily basis to facilitate revenue growth through your salespeople. Join us now to find out exactly what these five things are and how to ensure your sales managers do them and do them well.


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