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Understand the 4 Big Problems Preventing You From Hiring Top Salespeople

Learn the 3 Things You Must Fix About Your Recruitment Process To Attract Ideal Salespeople

Learn the 13 Steps To Hiring The Best Sales and Sales Management Talent For Your Company

How Many Salespeople Would You Hire In The Next 12 Months If You Knew They Would All Succeed?

Most companies fail to achieve their true revenue potential (e.g. all of the possible revenue they could be generating). And while some do better than others, most companies fall far short of their potential. On average, only 55-60% of salespeople meet their quotas. This can only mean one of three things: 1) either you're setting unrealistically high quotas,  2) the salespeople who are not hitting quota are the wrong salespeople for their role or 3) some combination of both. The bigger issue and the path to fixing the problem lie in understanding why this happens and why it happens as frequently as it does in companies, large and small, in every industry around the world.

If you're looking to hire even one salesperson this year or if you want to generate the most revenue you possibly can in the most effective and predictive way, or you're struggling to understand why you're not getting the sales results you think you should be getting, enroll in my free workshop today.

In this workshop, we are going to do a deep dive into the four biggest problems preventing companies like yours from consistently hiring ideally suited top sales talent. I'm also going to share the three things you must fix in your recruitment process to attract and select your ideal sales candidates, and the thirteen proven steps our customers take to hire the very best suited sales and sales management candidates that have the capacity to produce predictable, sustainable and profitable results for you. 



Hire Stronger, Right Fit Salespeople

Calculate The Cost Of Sales Mis-Hires

Understand The Different Types Of Salespeople

Accurately Identify The Candidates You Really Want

Uncover the Impact of Ineffective Sales Screening & Interviewing

Blueprint Your Sales Roles

Yow will also learn:
- Four Problems That Prevent You From Hiring Stronger Salespeople and How To Fix Them
- 13 Steps to Getting Sales Hiring Right Every Time
- What It Takes to Hire Right-Fit Sales Producers Every Time in Your Company


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