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The Great Restructure

Every business owner and CEO I spoke with this week was planning a restructure of some sort. Many are faced with having to shut down entire divisions, let go of long-term team members, and cut previously prosperous products and services.

Sales history can't predict future sales success, especially when every single thing has changed. What you needed in a salesperson three months ago is completely different from what you need in a salesperson now. You must understand exactly what your salespeople will have to do - every contributor, every role - to make this transition.

As you look to retool, modify your teams, streamline your sales force, and crunch the numbers, you must look at something other than the raw revenue numbers to make a conclusion that makes sense for your survival today and your future stability and growth through this pandemic.

The Old Way Won't Work

It’s easy to go to the CFO and look to the numbers and decide to redeploy the bottom 30%. But that thinking will not serve you well for future survival and growth. Raw revenue numbers are only one of the factors you need to consider.

Consider these factors.
Running a Savings and Opportunity Analysis
How much will you actually save, and how much actual potential does your current sales force have?
Run A Data-Rich Role Analysis
What is the ideal role for each salesperson given their strengths, skills and sales abilities in the context of what's needed today? Can they sell effectively remotely? Are they relationship masters? Do they know how to become a consultative value seller?
Conduct a Pipeline Analysis You Can Count On
How viable is the pipeline of each of the individual contributors on your sales team? Are you sure you're considering the right candidates for redeployment?
If you need help with these answers, check out our Viability Analysis Calculator that uses your custom variables along with the science of sales to answer the tough questions you are dealing with. 

We're here to help you every step of the way.

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